Stanley Register Online - 1948 Charlemont Meet
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The very first large gathering of the steam car hobby!
There were no scheduled tours, only a Sunday 14-mile round trip to the Wing residence.
No tours were needed, as all cars were driven to and from their homes,
    including 2 from the Marshall collection in Delaware, a 620-mile round trip.
The meet was written up in Bulb Horn.

11 cars were reported to have attended, but only 9 can be identified from this article. 

Edwin W. Battison, 1903 Stanley [#479]
T. Clarence Marshall, 1913 Stanley [#6889]
Henry Wing, Jr., 1913 Stanley [# unknown]
Henry Wing, Sr., 1914 Stanley [#7517]
Thomas C Marshall, 1914 Stanley [#7742]
Stanley Ellis, 1914 Stanley [#7781]
E. W. Larson, 1922 Stanley [740 roadster, # unknown]
Murray Brown, 1909 White
Dr. John P. Miller, 1910 White

(51 years later,  #479, #6889, and #7781 were again in the same place
for the 1999 Mt. Washington Centennial celebration.)

This photo from the Marshall Collection shows:
    Stanley Ellis in his 1914 Model 607
    Tom Marshall in his 1914 Model 607
    Dr. John P. Miller in his 1910 White

Also from the Marshall Collection, this photo appears to show 9 attendees.
A handwritten note on the back of this photo lists 12 cars in attendance; all those listed above plus

Paul Bourdon, 1911 [sic - 1912] Stanley [#6373]
Earle Eckel, 1914 Stanley [#7769]
Henry Wing, Sr., 1922 Stanley [#22212]

However, there appear to be 3 condensing Stanleys in this photo.  Larson's roadster on the far end.


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