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Here are some places where I spend a lot of time...

The first three I visit every day.  There is always something to learn from the discussion boards. - John Woodson's site is indispensible.  'Nuff said.

The Steam Automobile Club of America - both modern and antique steam; active regions in the east and west

Steam Car Club of Great Britain - active group of British and worldwide steam aficionados; owners and drivers of many Stanleys

SACA Northeast - region of the aforementioned club - lots of good technical info

SACA Northwest - region of the aforementioned club - newsletter archive contains plenty of tech

The Stanley Museum - home for archives, research, and Stanley family interest beyond cars

Friends of Auburn Heights Preserve - keepers, maintainers, and operators of the Marshall Collection of Stanley Steamers

The Eckel Family Museum - Earle S. Eckel was one of the primary early figures in Stanley preservation. - Robert Wilhelm's fantastic site on his car and on Stanley technology
                                                      WARNING - this one will keep you involved for quite a while!

Northwest Steam Society - steam boats, some very active Stanley owners, and more

The Hoke Family - late-model Stanley aficionados in Texas

Peter Turvey - the restoration of a beloved British Stanley; many more photos are here.

1911 Stanley Steamer - the restoration of a car that started as boxes of parts

- the ongoing saga of a great little roadster with a long history

National Steam Car Association - corporation of steam car owners in England, owner and vendor of J. N. Walton material

AACA Steam Car Forum - occasional discussions of Stanleys

Sites of interest for restoration and supplies...

Barnes Machine Shop - Machine services, repair, and fabrication of complete cars.

Bourdon Boiler Works - Boiler and burner fabrication, full restoration - PO Box 55, Woodstock, VT,  802-457-3787

J R Goold Vintage Steam Restorations Ltd. - Accomplished English Stanley builders, restorers, and part makers

Kendall's Steamcar Repair and Restoration - Stanley restoration and repairs

The Stanley Shop - full restoration - 225 Main St, Box 141, Wellsville, PA 17635, 717-432-4738

Midwest Coach & Carriage Works - Custom Coachwork and Wood Accessories for the Stanley Enthusiast

Rempco - New reproduction mechanical parts and mechanical overhaul

Heritage Steam Supplies - UK supplier of consumables for steam machinery

Mike May's Auto Shed - Steam cylinder oil

Vintage Steam Products, LLC - Major supplier of consumables and new Stanley parts

Other lists of service and supplies is available at
      The Steam Car Club of Great Britain

and some not-quite-Stanley stuff...

White Steamer web site - Nick Howell's excellent site on the fine and sophisticated White has returned to life!
                                        Includes an outstanding register of known Whites.

Tom Kimmel - President of SACA and keeper of a collection of the world's newest steam cars.

Karl Petersen - former editor of The Steam Automobile, now editor of its successor The Steam Automobile Bulletin (SACA's publication) - lots of great content

Peter Brow - a modern steamer, but very thoughtful and fascinating to read

Charles Dockstader - author of an astonishing set of valve gear simulation programs