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The Eagles!

Wel-come to the  ...  varieties of representation of the American eagle that have appeared on these cars.
Large, small, flat, 3-dimensional, even architectural!

The bold radiator emblem appeared in catalog images and period photos through 1910.
This image is from the 1909 catalog.
This is a period photo of a car wearing a 1909 license plate.  The emblem appears smaller in proportion to the radiator.

This image is from the 1910 catalog.  Notice the left wing has become flatter, and the wings and chest are ventilated to block less of the radiator.
A typical present-day realization.
Although a sculpted radiator ornament doesn't appear in any catalog or promotional image, such an ornament existed as early as 1911.
Notice some characteristics -
      Wings spread overhead, leading edges bent
      Neck horizontal with head turned to the left
      Space around legs
      Hollow tail ending in a semicircle, joined to globe along with feet
On a car with a 1911 NY license plate

The car is a Type 34 Tourist, a new model for 1912.  The car must have been nearly new at the time it was photographed with this ornament.
On a car with a 1920 OH license plate

A number of cars in the modern era wear, or have worn, ornaments that look essentially identical.
Some other fine birds have appeared on radiator caps as well.  The first two were produced as emblems of the National Highways Association.

And just to complete the classic rock allusion - "Wel-come to the Ho-tel Ra-di-a-tor!"
The biggest eagle of all - on a building that was actually shaped like an American Underslung.